Loving the Woman I am – How to Practice Kindness towards Ourselves

I may – I want – I can (144 pages - March 2020)

*A new path towards self-kindness*

*Mary Magdalene from a new point of view, as a healing counterpoint to today’s standards of womanhood*

*Kindness and warmth rather than self-centeredness*

Self-love is an important subject for many women. All too often, we judge our own weaknesses harshly while comparing ourselves to false role models. This keeps us from treating ourselves with the values that we would look for in others—such respect, kindness, patience, and generosity. Using the example of Mary Magdalene and her story of liberation, Linda Jarosch here shows a path towards freedom in thinking, and thereby also towards freedom in living and feeling.

Often, she writes, it is a question of leaving behind outdated modes of living and thinking, and instead giving oneself permission to fully live out one’s own potential. A liberating book that can help all readers find a loving approach to their own soul.

Rights sold:

  • Brazil: Vozes
  • Czechia: Alpha
  • Italy: San Paolo
  • Poland: WAM
  • Slovenia: Mohorjeva
  • World Spain: Grupo Loyola

Interview with Linda Jarosch (english subtitles)

Linda Jarosch is an author, workshop instructor, and freelance education consultant for various organisations and companies. In addition, she counsels women in different situations in life. Her best-selling titles at Vier-Türme have included Queen and Wild Woman (translated into 18 languages) and Tomorrow I Shall Wear Red (translated into 5 languages).